The Fall 2020 Collection


• 30+ miniature paintings
• Sizes range from 5×5” to 6×6”
• Silver or gold-leafed genuine oysters
on a unique glass-like background
• Gorgeous white, pink or peacock pearls


I’m Mary – abstract artist, mother of three, and Swedish transplant based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I spent my childhood mainly in Sweden and Norway, and grew up with a deep sense of wonder for the dynamics of Mother Nature. To this day, it’s rock formations, the sky, florals, and the ocean that serve as the main sources of inspiration for my paintings, albeit abstracted to allow a freer expression. I work in a loose, fluid style consisting of numerous layers of media, resulting in pieces that are often described as both dreamy and captivating.

My mission as an artist has a lot to do with communicating energy through the combination of colors, light, and shapes, while leaving the interpretation of that energy up to the viewer. The goal, however, is always to portray beauty in one of its manifestations. In my portfolio, you’ll find a juxtaposition of muted and vivid colors; the result of a push and pull between the need for both calm and a more vibrant energy.

To learn more about me and my work, click below.

E. D. C.


"Mary's talent and style shows with each piece in her collections. The colors and designs of her resin pieces are gorgeous, and her Circle Collection is perfection. I am the owner of three pieces of Mary’s beautiful art, and one day I will own a Circle Collection painting."


Marian P. - FL, USA

"Everyone who visits goes straight over to her art! Thank you, Mary, for gracing my home. Keep sharing your beautiful art with the world!"

Nada H.

- Sweden

"To me, Mary’s paintings are all about balance. They’re elegant, sleek, and the absolute best design detail of my bedroom."

Emma P.


"Mary Redmann is my favorite artist. Her pieces reflect her authentic connection to nature, and her art feels dramatic and calm simultaneously. I love her art in our house."

W. T.


"I am not normally a huge abstract fan, but this piece really caught my eye and the flow of color is something I really like."

Phyllis V.


"I am elated to be the owner of this magnificent oyster shell painting by Mary Redmann. Mary's art is unique, detailed and captivating. Her use of layered color combinations and natural resources immediately spoke to me. I love the beauty of this piece; it's like jewelry on canvas. I can't wait to add to my Mary Redmann collection!"