Gratitude Amid Uncertainty –
positive vibes & a simple exercise

To varying degrees, our daily lives have recently been turned sideways due to the social, economic, and/or physical effects of the Covid-19 With the media playing its role, it may seem challenging to stay positive, so I want to share a simple exercise I find especially helpful during tough times.

Many years back, I started a habit of writing down at least five things I’m grateful for each day. It can be anything.. from breathing fresh air to winning the lottery. What I noticed is that as this exercise became a habit, I looked for the blessings more often than the obstacles, and not only did it help me remain in a clearer headspace, but also to come up with creative solutions to problems.   

Here are 7 things I am really loving today (because who wants to stop after only 5?):

1. Being able to spend this time together with my kids
2. Seeing so many people reaching out and combining efforts to help those who need extra help during this time.
3. The sun is out, providing us with necessary Vitamin D for a healthy immune system
4. This wonderful community of creatives, for providing community, for supporting small businesses by adorning your homes with beautiful art, and for spreading hope to our world.
5. For being able to Facetime my family in Sweden/Norway, almost 5000 miles away.
6. For access to clean water, electricity, and *toilet paper*. 🙂
7. Looking out my front door every morning to see these majestic oak trees.  

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